Tūmatauenga – Level 1


TŪMATAUENGA is the Māori God of War.

TŪMATAUENGA Level 1 – Māori Movement is Manu waewae (focusing on isometrics and balance)

In Level 1 we focus on isometrics and balance with a movement called Peruperu.

TŪMATAUENGA Level 1 CHALLENGE – Tū Tane (War Stance) for 30 sec​

​Tū Tane is a male stance in our haka (war dance) that steams from the God of War, its purpose is to hold strong whilst performing the haka to demonstrate your stance.  This position is also known as Kia Mau (to be alert) which is a position before impact. Tūmatauenga is a god that fought furiously with his brothers in a disagreement regarding the process of the separation of their parents Ranginui and Papatūānuku.

The Challenge for you is to hold position of Tū Tane in the required amount of time for each level which will benefit your strength conditioning and increase your cardio vascular system and over all fitness and wellbeing.

It is important to include Tūmatauenga in your weekly schedule for you to get a better understanding of what we call ihi, which can be translated as essential force or controlled adrenaline.  The discipline required in this element is self-control.

Te Reo Māori – Māori Language
manu = bird
waewae = leg or foot
ihi = essential force, excitement, power, charm, personal magnetism – psychic force as opposed to spiritual power (mana).