A Māori Movement Affiliate is a Qualified Trainer or Practitioner specialising in Māori Movement and applied for an Affiliation Certificate with Māori Movment, there are 5 levels in our school of learning

Level 1 Certificate in Movement Technique
Level 2 Certificate in Basic Level Teaching
Level 3 Fully Qualified Trainer
Level 4 Post Master of Maori Movement
Level 5 Master of Maori Movement

This allows them you to:

  • Legally use the Māori Movement name, logo and promotional materials.
  • Gain benefits of promotion from the website
  • Support from Māori Movement on new releases of programmes and information and material.
  • Ideas and news about how to promote Māori Movement and develop your business.

You must be a registered Māori Movement Affiliate to conduct a class or education programme using any of the Māori Movement levels.

You can freely use Māori Movement in your own personal practise.

We offer affliliate licences for anyone wanting to be able to coach others in Māori Movement or run paid classes.

The Māori Movement affiliate programme can be completed by:
1.  Completing the affiliate programme course held by Maori Movement.  All upcoming courses will be announced on this website.
2.  Completing the online Māori Movement courses and affiliate programme assessment.

We will be developing further content for affiliates to use in teaching Māori Movement with some exciting developments planned to add to this system even more.  Please contact us for more information.