Tāwhirimātea – Level 1

TĀWHIRIMATEA is the Māori God of Winds and Storm.

TĀWHIRIMATEA Level 1 – Māori Movement is Hau Awhiowhio (Whirl Wind), focusing on High Intensity Intervals (a form for short sharp bursts to increase your cardio vascular levels)

In Level 1 we focus on the high intensity with a movement called Hau Tahi.

Challenge – ​Te Uira (Lightning) for 30 sec

Te Uira is a strength and conditioning movement for the full body, its unique way of moving derives from a martial movement called a kick sit and we have likened this form of exercise to the realm of Tāwhirimatea, his realm is joined by other Atua such as Te Uira – God of lightning, Whaitiri – God of thunder which are movements we have adopted according to the realm of Tāwhirimatea. This functional movement will increase your heart rate as well as a full body endurance work out.

The Challenge for you is to get as many reps as possible in the required amount of time for each level which will benefit your cardio vascular and over all fitness and wellbeing.

It is important to include Tāwhirimatea in your weekly schedule to allow your body to get the required amount of cardio vascular required per week.

Te Reo Māori – Māori Language
hau = wind
tahi = one
uira = lightening