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Tangaroa – Level 3

TANGAROA is the Māori God of the Sea and all things that live within it.

TANGAROA Level 3 – Māori Movement is Ika Rere the Flying Fish of the ocean, focusing on Strength and Mobility – Building resistance without strain and allowing joints to flow.

In Level 3 we focus on the strength and mobility with a movement called Mako.

Challenge – ​Panapoho​ – (​to dive and push​)
We aim to do as many repetitions as we can within 1 min 30 sec.

DESCRIPTION – Panapoho – is a strength and conditioning movement for the upper body, its unique way of moving derives from fish as they breach the surface of Tangaroa. Tangaroa is very rich atua in food source for the human diet and should be respected at all cost, he also has the ability submerge anything in his way if he is being disrespected. The benefits in this challenge is based around endurance and mobility which will give you strong functional movement for the full body.

The Challenge is to get as many reps in the required amount of time which will increase your heart rate as well as strengthen your body and test your mind set.

It is important to include Tangaroa in your weekly schedule to allow your body to get the required amount of exercise in your Maori Movement plan.

Te Reo Māori – Māori Language
moana = sea
ika = fish