Tāne Mahuta – Level 1

TĀNE MAHUTA – is the god of the forest and all things that live with in his realm

TĀNE MAHUTA Level 1 – Māori Movement is TOROA KOUKA a type of foot movement focusing on agility and control.

TĀNE MAHUTA Level 1 CHALLENGE –  Papahoronuku for 30sec (Focusing on Functional Strength, Balance and Endurance)

ORIGIN – Papahoronuku is a strength and conditioning movement for the full body, the chore focus is to strengthen your legs and maintain good posture whilst performing the movement, it is said that Tāne Mahuta forced his parents apart with the strength of his powerful legs so that him and his brothers could breathe in the light of day.

BENEFITS – The benefits of the Papahoronuku movement is to strengthen your legs, glutes and lower back whilst focusing on engaging your chore, this will then stabilise your joints and ligaments to allow you to explode through the Māori Movement foot patterns.

TASK – Try to get as many reps in the required amount of time as possible, to achieve maximum results take each rep from top to bottom, the focus is your depth.

INSERTION – It is important to include Tāne Mahuta in your weekly schedule to allow your lower body to get the required amount of strength and endurance in your Māori Movement Fitness Plan.