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Rūaumoko – Level 2

RŪAUMOKO is the Māori God of Earthquakes and Volcanic Activity.

RŪAUMOKO Level 2 – Māori Movement is the Mokomoko (ground strength).  Mokomoko is a lizard.

In Level 2 we focus on the strong foundations with a movement called Rū Papa – to shake from the inside out.

Challenge – Mokomoko for 1 min 30 sec

The challenge is to hold plank and flicking your legs from side to side using your core and legs to twist your hips trans plane momentum. This exercise allows you to have flexibility in your hips, gluten and truck and the benefits are in the agility of the movement. A mokomoko (lizard) is very agile and able to move fast along the ground holding its weight in stressful positions.

Try to get as many reps in the required amount of time whilst holding plank position which will increase your heart rate as well as strengthen your upper body joint and muscle skeletal system.

It is important to include Rūaumoko in your weekly schedule to allow your everyday ground work to flow.

Te Reo Māori – Māori Language
mokomoko = lizard