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Rongomatāne – Level 3

RONGOMATĀNE is the Māori God of Cultivation and Peace.

RONGOMATĀNE Level 3 – The Māori Movement is called TARAPEKE (a foot movement). Tarapeke simply means to jump quickly. In the cultivating season planting of Kūmara was a serious job, you had to be fit and strong in order to carry out the active duties. 

RONGOMATĀNE Level 3 challenge – T​uanui (Ridge of a roof top) ​The Challenge is to hold a plank position called Tuanui for 2mins.

ORIGIN – RONGO also has a spiritual place of residence inside which is situated on the inside of a meeting house of a Marae (a communal place of residence) which we call the house of peace. Tuanui is the ridge on the roof top which represents strength, stability and durability. This position is used to harvest powerful thinking and positive vibration as well as loading the body under pressure.

BENEFITS – The benefits in Tuanui is to gain strength in your postural habits which will stabilise the trunk and chore that will allow you the freedom to move in any direction your please.

TASK – to settle in a strong position that of a ridge or back bone of a meeting house for the required amount of time per level.

INSERTION – It is important to include Rongomatāne in your weekly schedule to allow you to have a strong base to participate in more complex movements.

Te Reo Māori – Māori Language
kūmara = sweet potatoe
manu = bird
pirare nuku = a flickering bird movement
tuanui = roof (of a house)
tarapeke = to spring, leap or jump