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Haumia-Tiketike – Level 2

HAUMIA-TIKETIKE is the Māori God of the fern root (aruhe) provider of energy food source.

HAUMIA-TIKETIKE Level 2 – The Māori Movement is TAKAWIRI (A bird movement that digs at the earth for hunting purposes). The Takawiri is a type foot movement that focuses on agility, balance & control

HAUMIE-TIKETIKE  Level 2 Challenge – Tauroa Tinana​
We are aiming to strengthen and lengthen our bodies for 1min 30 sec​ (focusing on balance and co-ordination)

ORIGIN – The Fern is the symbol of the famous New Zealand emblem seen on many of our sporting sleeves. Tauroa means to lengthen or extend, in this case we are extending our bodies in an exercises to prevent any unnecessary injuries.

BENEFITS – Tauroa represents the flexibility of the fern tree that insures protection, longevity and growth.  With good nutrients and hydration the body will remain balanced for your every day needs.

TASK – The challenge is to hold in Tauroa position for the required amount of time for each level.

INSERTION – It is important to include HAUMIA-TIKETIKE in your weekly schedule to allow you to recover as fast as you can to protect your muscle fibres and joints.


Te Reo Māori – Māori Language
aruhe = fern root
manu = bird
waewae = leg or foot
ruru = New Zealand owl or morepork – Ninox novaeseelandiae
atua = god
tauroa = to extend (of time).